Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is the most ordinary and popular type of wood flooring used internationally nowadays. It is a real wood like solid wood, but it is composed of multiple layers of wood that are glued and pressed together to the substrate, which provide dimensional stability. Mainly, there are two kinds of engineered hardwood: “Smooth engineered hardwood” and “Hand Scraped engineered hardwood”. While the former is designed to provide a contemporary and consistent appearance with smooth surface, the later is manufactured to produce more pronounced character such as mixture of light and dark boards, small pinholes and knots with ambience of hand-crafted and custom-made flooring. The principal benefits of engineered hardwood flooring are as follows.


Engineered hardwood floors generally has a lifespan of between 30-40 years and meantime it can be completely sanded and refinished average up to 4 times depending on species.

Luxurious Appearance

While engineered hardwood floors preserve the beauty of natural wood, it shows more enhanced look as they are pre-finished and supplied with beveled edges and longer, wider panels, which will create more luxurious appearance,

Universal Use

It is more resistant to moisture level than solid wood, which allows to be installed on any grade level of both commercial and residential sites.

Easy Installation

Engineered hardwood floors are installed using ‘glue-down’ and ‘click-lock’ and even ‘floating’ method, which allows easy, fast installation and effortless repairs. In result, the installation costs of engineered flooring are typically lower than solid flooring.

Abundant Selections

Engineered hardwood floors are available in a wide range of distinctive designs, colors and sizes. Exotic hardwood floors made with species from Brazil, Argentina and beyond are also available, which boast of richness in colors and hues. Brazilian Walnut, Tigerwood, Ipe and Santoa Mahogany are good examples of exotic engineered hardwood floors.

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