Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is gaining popularity with homeowners who concerns about resistance level against scratch and moisture but can’t give up the aesthetical appearance of wood flooring. Laminate flooring is composed of several layers of synthetic flooring product fused together under extreme heat and pressure. In this process, laminate flooring reproduce natural wood look with more durable composite at a more affordable price.


1. Top Layer    :    As a transparent layer, it achieves superior resistant to dents and stains.
2. Image Layer    :    It stimulates aesthetical look of natural wood in a variety scope of colors, and designs.
3. Core Layer    :    Being made of high density fiberboards, it supports the weight and stress of traffic.
4. Balancing Layer    :    It ensured the strength and stability.


As Laminate flooring is extremely durable, it is ideal flooring option for area with a high volume of traffic by especially kids and pets or commercial sites. The top layer of laminate flooring is typically coated with aluminum oxide finish. This finish gives laminate flooring excellent resistance to abrasion such as scratch and dents.

Superior Fade, Stain and Moisture Resistant

As long as you maintain it properly, it doesn’t get stained easily and it doesn’t fade well even in direct ultra-violet sunlight. It also offers superior resistance to moisture level, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely water-proof.


Despite the fact that laminate flooring is an imitation of real wood, it ensures the superb quality and unsurpassed design at more affordable budget. Nowadays, there is more competition among manufactures to develop more desired look with high performance using various innovative technologies.

Ease of Installation & Adaptability

The most common installation method of laminate flooring is known for ‘tongue-and-groove click system’, which allows each board to be clicked and fastened together without help of glue and nail. This glueless method makes the installation faster and hassle-free. In addition, one of features of laminate flooring is its adaptability to nearly every type of existing subfloor ranging from concrete to vinyl subfloor as long as the subfloor is level and dry.

Effortless Maintenance

As dirt and dust doesn’t get easily stick on to laminate flooring, you can maintain laminate flooring in the best condition at all times with simple sweeping and mopping.

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